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Must Eat Food in Muar
Is it your first time visit to Muar? Here is a checklist for you to explore good food in Muar. It is time to satisfy your taste buds and pamper your stomach.



Otak-otak has been known as the iconic food for Muar. When you would ask people “Any food recommendation in Muar?” You can definitely get Otak-Otak an answer.

Sai Kee Coffee

Are you a coffee lover? Sai Kee sells fresh roasted traditional Chinese style of coffee. It is always full of  people during early morning and late afternoon, a cup of coffee with kaya toasted always the best combination for breakfast and hi-tea!


Glutton Food Street (Tam Ciak Kueh) 贪吃街


You can never ever miss this place! You can find all sorts of local food, such as Wan Tan Mee, fried oysters, traditional Chinese pastry, satay, Char Kuey Tiao, Dim Sum, lemon lime juice and so on.

Bak Kua(源珍香肉干)

Top Muar souvenir that your family and friends will love you for! Yuen Chen Xiang has come out with vacuum packaging for their dried meat and dried meat floss, it can now be mailed to your family and friends overseas.